Why launch this blog?

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Today we finally go live with this blog. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit.

As MD of AXA Millésimes I am responsible for a number of vineyards, in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Hungary and Portugal. I spend a large part of my time visiting them all, and I hope that this blog format might be an interesting way of revealing to interested wine lovers something of what we do, and of the life of the vineyards and of the people who devote their time to looking after them.

I shall try to post something regularly, and I very much hope that these postings will stimulate some questions, to which I shall try give useful answers, the aim being to make it as interactive as possible so that you can have a real feeling of accompanying me to the vineyards and get some feeling of  what goes on, and what is involved in the elaboration of  a Grand Cru wine.

We are going live now following the 2009 harvest. It has been a great year in Bordeaux, for the reds, Right Bank and Left, and also in Sauternes.  It was also a great year in Burgundy, of which more later. I started writing up a couple of things when I was in Portugal during august, so I post them up now, below, backdated as it were. But as from now, postings will go up as and when they happen.

I hope you will enjoy the site, visit regularly, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Christian Seely

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24 thoughts on “Why launch this blog?”

  1. Dear Christian,

    there are very few people with this variety of estates to manage and knowledge about the wines. In fact I think you are the only one! Therefore I am very curious to learn from and will visit your blog regularly.

    All the best for the blog


  2. Congratulations Christian. I’ve only just managed to work out email, and I still screw that up. Look forward to hearing all your news and growing increasingly jealous of your wonderful wanderings through the vineyards.

  3. Dear Christian,

    Very regrettably I lost your contact details – thank goodness you started a blog. Among other things, it means I can now contact you directly ! Last week was at WineFuture conference – adopting new technologies for communication was one of the key themes. Good luck with the blog and look forward to reading about your experiences.

  4. Welcome to blogging Christian. I’m sure you will find it as rewarding as I have. Will put up a link to you on Jim’s Loire and would be great if you would consider doing the same. I look forward to following your blog.

    Best wishes

  5. Hi Christian,

    Congratulations on launching the Blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts, particularly about my favourite place in the world to spend an evening drinking a fine Vintage Port and smoking a large cigar ;-)


  6. Hi Christian – we met at the Wine Media Lunch in New York during “The Tale of Two Pichons” and I emailed you about the Portugal event during VinExpo.

    Nice blog! Like the pictures! Feel like I am there!

  7. As my good friend and colleague Jim said, “Welcome to blogging”, Christian.
    I still remember vividly a tasting with you in the back of Alentejo 15 years ago – or is it more.

    All the best

    Hervé LALAU

  8. Dear Axel

    Many thanks. I still have vivid memories of your flypast at Quinta do Noval, and look forward to your Port tasting in Germany next year. All best, Christian

  9. Dear Chris

    Very good to hear from you. Actually I am travelling in China at the moment, as a new posting will imminently confirm. A long way from the vineyards, but Pichon or Suduiraut are only a glass away. All best Christian

    @Chris Orr

  10. Dear Brian

    Delighted to hear from you and that the Sainte Hélène went down well. I am currently in China where we have just appointed a new distributor for Mas Belles Eaux. The Languedoc taste seems to suit the local palate, as the wines come over very well in tastings here, often in fact ahead of great wines from Bordeaux. Best Christian

    @Brian St. Pierre

  11. Dear Nancy

    Well actually the site helps me to feel close to the vineyards sometimes, as at the moment I am in Beijing. But back to France at the end of the week.

    All best, Christian

    @Nancy Rugus

  12. Dear Derek

    There will be no shortage of thoughts on that place. One of the profoundest thoughts I had after last time was not to arrange a very early morning flight the day after a visit from Derek Turnbull and his group of crazy Port enthusiasts.
    But it was a lot of fun to see you all at Noval and thank you for bringing those amazing bottles. Axel Probst wrote it up on his site, as I am sure you know.

    All best, Christian
    @Derek Turnbull

  13. Dear Marisa

    I remember meeting you very well, and have just checked out your site which is great. I really enjoyed that tasting, a great opportunity to enjoy some great wines and reflect on the differing personalities of the two properties. I hope we will be able to do it again. All best Christian

    @Marisa D’Vari

  14. Dear Christian,
    To continue a dialogue of some years ago and to inform you that my Douro association with RCV has terminated, I hope that you might find the time (I know it is vendange/vindima/harvest) to reply to my e-mail in the interest of my desire to enter into professional discussions. With Cordial Regards, Jerry Luper.

  15. Dear Mr.Seely,
    congratulations on your Blog.
    I’m from Brazil and I really love good wines.
    I always invite some good friends who love wine as much as myself to make some different experiences, just for fun.
    In the next time we will taste some special Cabernet wines from diferent parts of the world, and I’d like to know if there are bordeaux wines that have been made with more than 80% of Cabernet Sauvignon in it’s composition, and which fit this category.
    If you can help me with this information i will be very gratefull.

    yours truly,
    A. Franco

  16. Dear Christian,
    I am a big fun of piton baron wine and am planning a brief visit to Bordeaux at the end of the month and would love to visit the chateau. I will visit petrus, mouton, margay, latour and lafite where I know either the owners or the general manager. I don’t know you but it would be my pleasure to meet you at ch pichonbaron if you will be there on June 26. PLs let me know writing to my email. Also, I want to invite you to my blind tasting club in new York, so you come and join us for dinner and tasting if you stop by ny. Many thanks, angel.