Noval Black

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We were on the road in Paris with Noval Black a few days ago and filmed these two videos of two star Parisian barmen mixing their perfect cocktail featuring Noval Black as an ingredient.

Video n° 1 stars Joseph of the cocktail bar at the Forum in Paris:

If you have trouble watching this video, view the web version here

I think he called the cocktail “Le Douro Hollandais” in honour of the newly elected president of France.

Video n°2 stars Jeremy at Le Bar, Shangri-La hotel, Paris:

If you have trouble watching this video, view the web version here

Both of them were delicious but I think require fairly specialist skills in preparation, but they do show that it is possible to have fun with Port in this way, and that’s the main point.

Noval Black was launched in January 2010, with the specific aim of bringing Port to people who might not otherwise have tried it, although I have had some good comments from regular Noval drinkers as well. I had thought for a long time – and still do – that the image Port can sometimes have, linked to traditional images of old fashioned gents passing the Port in their clubs, has very little to do with the exciting vibrant wine that Port can be. The whole idea of the Noval Black project was to bring a Port to the market that would bridge that gap. It has been quite a success.

You can check out the website on this address:

Apart from the film which is a lot of fun, there is a full explanation of what Noval Black is all about, as well as some more cocktail recipes, specially devised for Noval Black by the great Jim Mehan of the New York PDT Bar. But don’t forget that it is also extremely delicious on its own. Enjoy!