Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Philippe Remond

A successful Marathon for Pichon Baron

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Last Saturday was the 32nd Marathon du Médoc. As usual, we fielded a strong Pichon Baron team, of widely divergent sporting experience and ability, but all animated by the same enthusiasm for the event.

We were thrilled that one of the members of the Pichon Baron team, Freddy Guimard, won the race, with an excellent time of 2:25.

Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Freddy Guimard

This was the first time that Freddy ran with us, and his first Marathon win. He is the French champion over ten kilometers, and clearly a superb and determined athlete, but also entered magnificently into the spirit of things here, happily trying wines from Pichon Baron, Suduiraut and Quinta do Noval at dinner the night before.

I would like to say that these wines had a performance enhancing effect, but if this were so, it would be hard to explain why my half marathon time the next day was slightly longer than his complete marathon victory time.

Château Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Médoc - Freddy Guimard
Freddy running past our property, wearing a crown and his tee-shirt Pichon Baron
Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Freddy Guimard
Freddy with some Victory magnums of Pichon Baron after the race

Freddy was with us because our long standing friend Philippe Rémond, many times winner of the Médoc marathon, who has run in the Pichon Baron team for years, and who trains the French running team today, brought him to Pichon with a group of friends who run regularly in our team. It is both an honour and a pleasure for all of us at Pichon that this star of French athletics should be a regular visitor to the chateau and a lover of Pichon Baron and its wines.

Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Philippe Remond
Philippe Rémond with the Pichon Baron team before the race. My son Charles (in my arms) enjoyed the ambiance but decided not to run this year

Also in the Pichon Baron team was Yves Bruneau, the butcher of Bages, pictured here passing Pichon at an early stage of the race, as you can see from the fact that not many glasses have yet been poured.

Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Yves Bruneau
Patricia Doré encouraging Yves

Yves arrived in second place in the veterans category, and we were very proud to have him in our team.

Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Christian SeelyI came past somewhat later. This picture gives the entirely misleading impression that I am walking, whereas of course I have merely slowed down in order not to bump into Ruth Santry who is taking the photograph. The great thing about any picture taken during a race is the huge number of people visible in the background. This means they have been running even slower than me, or if you like, I am winning this part of the race. The several thousand people who have gone before rather more rapidly are of course not visible.

Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Marine Castel, Nicolas SantierWe served Les Griffons 2014 at Pichon, in wine glasses of course, to all the runners who felt like a restorative at kilometer five. Nicolas Santier and Marine Castel were among the volunteers who looked after the several thousand runners who took us up on our offer.

Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Pichon Baron volunteers with musiciansTo serve wine correctly to so many people is quite a logistical operation. Here is the magnificent group of Pichon Baron volunteers, to whom all thanks are due, together with the musicians.

It was, as always, a great day, a magnificent celebration of life and wine.

Chateau Pichon Baron - 32nd Marathon du Medoc - Philippe Rémond, Christian Seely, Jean-René Matignon Here I am at the end, clearly relieved that the running part is over, enjoying the post marathon lunch with Jean-René Matignon and Philippe Rémond.

© Château Pichon Baron – images: Ruth Santry