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2013 Harvest in Bordeaux

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I thought it might be time to give an account of the 2013 harvest as we experienced it in our various properties. There has been a fair amount of ill-informed comment on the millesime in the press (if you weren’t there in the vineyard during the harvest and if you haven’t tasted the wine, then how could the comment be anything else?) and so it could be useful to have a view from the properties.

Primeurs Tasting week for 2012 Bordeaux – Château Petit-Village (VIDEOS)

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Christian Seely « Precise purity of fruit, harmony, balance – a very attractive wine » If you have trouble watching this video, view the web version here Marielle Cazaux, Technical Director of Château Petit-Village « Smooth and velvety, with chocolate notes, flowers, and very fresh fruit » If you have trouble watching this video,view the [...]

2012 harvest in Bordeaux: a first impression of the wines at Château Petit-Village and Château Pichon-Longueville (VIDEOS)

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Today we will visit Château Petit-Village where I tasted all the lots of Château Petit-Village 2012 with Daniel LLose, and then Château Pichon-Longueville where I will be tasting with Jean-René Matignon. We left the camera running in both cases and have edited it down to a few interesting tasting moments. The wines at this stage [...]